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To start earning massively as an affiliate, join our program by first creating an affiliate account. This step takes less than 2 minutes to complete.

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Once you have created your affiliate account, the next step is really simple. Simply invite others to Buy Hosting through your affiliate link.

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When you sign-up with us, you get a free ₦1,000 Affiliate BONUS. This bonus can be withdrawn after your first affiliate earning.

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We provide the highest affiliate earnings in the Web Hosting industry. Our real-time reporting tools helps you track your earnings correctly.

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We are offering an industry-first loyalty reward for affiliates who refer other affiliates. Get free 1 year hosting when they signup as affiliates.

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Request your affiliate earnings every week. We make payouts every monday of the week, as long as you have up to ₦1,000 as account balance

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Refer upto 10 people and get our TURBO Hosting for life, for free. With hosting space upto 15GB and Bandwidth upto 100GB.

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We have lots of affiliate materials such as banners and images, to help you kickstart your referral-campaign and start earning from the first day.

Affiliate Video tutorials and Resources

How our affiliate system works

  1. To become part of our great affiliate program, first create an account here
  2. The next step is to click the Affiliate menu located at the top of the page.
  3. Activate your affiliate account in the next step and you are set to start earning huge revenue from our affiliate program.
  4. Upon activation, you will be awarded a free ₦1,000 sign up bonus.
  5. Copy your affiliate link from the dashboard or download any of our banners to use for your affiliate advertisement. You can click on the link below to go to our affiliate banners collection page.
  6. Insert any of the downloaded banners (or your affiliate link) on your blog or anywhere you want our affiliate banner/link to be displayed.
  7. Contact us through any of our support channels, informing us of the exact place/blog where you have inserted your affiliate link or banner.
  8. Transfer your blog/website to our Turbo Server (we can also help with the process) and request withdrawal of your affiliate bonus.
  9. It's really simple. You WIN by getting free 1 year Turbo hosting account and WIN again by getting paid your free signup bonus.
  10. Alternatively,

    If you do not wish to transfer you blog or website to our turbo server, all you need to do is simple.

  11. Paste your affiliate code or banner on your website (blog is better).
  12. Send us a link to the website/blog where you have pasted your affiliate code or banner.
  13. Wait for one week.
  14. Request your referral bonus thereafter.
  15. Get paid!

  16. Disclaimer: We do not pay signup bonus for affiliate links that are posted on Online forums. We only support blogs that are at least, 3 months old. However, if someone clicks on your affiliate link from the online forum where it was posted, you will be paid your referral bonus, as usual.

Become An Affiliate

It's easy, quick and FREE! Get a unique affiliate link from us that helps you track every visitor you refer.

Register Now

Register Now

Get instant ₦1,000 Bonus

Earn as much as ₦4,500 per single referral


An affiliate system is one which allows you earn some money when you recommend a particular service (in this case, our service) to your colleagues and friends; and they end up signing up for the service.

  1. You can register if you don't have an account or simply login to your Client area if you are an existing user
  2. Click on the affiliate link on the menu bar, above.
  3. You are then asked to activate your affiliate account. Once done, you are good to go

Registering as an affiliate takes just 2 minutes.

At KanesWeb, we credit your affiliate account with a Whooping ₦1,000 as soon as you sign up for our affiliate programe.

What you earn in addition to the free signup BONUS is entirely up to you as the affiliate. The more people you refer to us, the more you earn. The earning potentials are simply unlimited.

YES! Our free ₦1,000 sign-up bonus is completely withdrawable.

The only conditions that need to be fulfilled are listed below:

* You need to paste your affiliate link or banner on your blog/website. Give us a link to the website/blog.

* Transfer your blog/website to our Turbo Hosting Server and get one year free hosting.

* If those 2 conditions have been met, your withdrawal request will be processed immediately.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to transfer your blog/website, we will still pay you, but you need to wait for one week before we process your withdrawal request. This is for us to be sure that you are a true affiliate.

Disclaimer: We do not pay signup bonus for affiliate links that are posted on Online forums. We only support blogs that are at least, 3 months old. However, if someone clicks on your affiliate link from the online forum, you will be paid your referral bonus, as usual.

Withdrawal request are processed instantly!

Tell your friends who have a blog to signup for our affiliate program, and when they do, we will award you a 1 year free 15GB Disk Space + 100GB Bandwidth Turbo Hosting, with unlimited features (such as unlimited addon domain, unlimited database, unlimited emails).

To claim your 1 year free Turbo hosting, simply contact support and tell us the domain/website name of your refered client.

Note that every of your referee must also sign up for our affiliate program in order for you to qualify to receive our free hosting offer.

This is also known as our Loyalty Reward

Absolutely anyone can join our affiliate program. You do not need any special requirement or skill to become our affiliate.

All you need to do is get your affiliate link and invite friends to signup for any of our hosting products.

Affiliate links can be posted on blogs, forums, social media or sent out as emails.

Yes we do!

Infact, we have a huge collection of marketing materials to help you kick-start your affiliate journey and start making sales immediately.

Marketing materials includes both text and banner displays.

See our Collection of advertising banners

We payout affiliate earnings EVERY MONDAY of every week; or when your balance is over ₦1,000. Whichever comes first.

Why You should sign up?See some reasons

24/7 Live Chat Support

We provide 24/7 phone priority support to all our affiliates.


₦1,000 Affiliate Bonus

Withdraw bonus anytime or instantly, choice is yours.


Timely Payouts

We payout affiliate earnings every week. Every monday.

Loyalty Reward

Refer your friend to join our affiliate program and get free turbo hosting for one year.

Free marketing Materials

We have a huge collection of affiliate banners to help you make that first referral.

Many More Benefits

Our affiliate program offers many more benefits. Join us and let us make hosting great once again.

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